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Both associations underway in 2013–2014

The Simulated Football Premiership is off to an exciting start already in the SFP West, with five of the eight clubs level on five points and several new transfers looking to be difference-makers. The East is just getting underway in the shorter season format, having drafted during the international break.

What is the Simulated Football Premiership?

SFP is a fantasy football simulation game based on the English Premier League. We strive for a fun game that matches realistic tactics and week-to-week results with the performance of your favorite players and clubs. Each player is owned only once in an SFP association, so there is a real element of head-to-head competition in acquiring players and playing weekly matches, unlike what is commonly found in a salary cap game.

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If you are a new owner looking for a Premier League fantasy experience like no other, send us an e-mail at, and we will let you know when new associations are forming.

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